1. Left Behind

From the recording Left Behind

Left behind has influences from many artists and styles. You can hear a hard edge like Black Sabbath and rhythmic power rap like the Beastie Boys and even a bridge kinda like Pink Floyd. Strap on your headphones, you can't go wrong with this song from Atomic Frost


© 2023

Shadows fall darkness sets upon the sky
The music's gone it slipped away before your eyes
It died

Clouds form on the horizon
You must stay with the pack
Reach out grab at the shadows
Eyes shift don’t look back

Cast out far from the center
Fist hard pound on the door
Last chance climb from the darkness
No time
You got left behind

Left behind
You got left behind
Left behind

Time to kill wasted hours of the day
The path is dark you pretend you know the way
Your way

Push hard down on the paper
Ink bleeds into the white
Your thoughts lost or rejected
Your book into the light

Knocked down you must deliver
Don't break even if it's tough
Reach out grab for the ladder
Hands slip
You got left behind

Left behind
You got left behind
Left behind

Your cloth of time is frayed
No longer can you stay

Year after year goes by
Another lazy day

Too late to find your way
No one else to blame

Opened eyes to find no time
You carry on the same

Left behind

Left behind