David l. o'neal


Atomic Frost Is a studio project of solo recording artist David “DAVO” O'Neal. The hard-hitting sound is woven with texture and dynamics that has a modern heavy metal / hard rock sound with a hint of his 1980’s roots. DAVO is a product of the Heavy Metal scene centered in Los Angeles and Hollywood in the late 1980’s. As the lead guitarist and primary creator for the band Secret Legion, DAVO learned the art of songwriting and stage performance. After several years thumping out original music on legendary stages like “The Whiskey”, “The Roxy” and “The Troubadour”, the band could not hold together. Outside pressure and offers for positions in rival bands, ultimately dissolved Secret Legion. DAVO is writing and recording again, this time as Atomic Frost. “After all the this time, my original music needs an outlet, so I created Atomic Frost. I am going to try to build a grass roots following, and hopefully people will identify with my music".  Atomic Frost is releasing and distributing music electronically worldwide. Check Spotify and all the other streaming sites for the latest releases from Atomic Frost.