"The Gallows Bell" New song from Atomic Frost is Released!!!!

The highly anticipated new song from Atomic frost "The Gallows Bell" was released Thursday October 28, 2021. The new record is complete, and is available on all online streaming services, especially Spotify and Amazon.

Salem Witch Trials: This song is inspired by my Great Aunt from 9 generations ago. Her name was Mary Parker and she was hung as a Witch September 22, 1692 as a result of the accusations of 3 children at the Salem Witch Trials. She was executed on Gallows Hill, and I discovered that there are a fair amount of documents from her trial (I use that word very loosely) that still exist. The document "The Examination of Mary Parker" was very interesting. There was an exchange between the Examiner and Mary Park where he said "Mary Parker...how long have ye been in snare with the devil?" She answered back "I know nothing of it!"

I incorporated this exchange in the Lyrics of the new son "The Gallows Bell" and it will be a very cool part when finished. I used all the documents as reference to write the lyrics. The viewpoint of the song is from one of the jurors, where her guilt is certain before the trial actually begins. The amazing artwork for the record cover is by Paul Gerrard Art. He is an amazing artist and does fantastic art for Hollywood and the movies. I expect this song to be released by Halloween 2021, but in the meantime I have 3 great songs for you to put in your playlists. More to come.

DAVO - Atomic Frost