Two more songs are complete and almost ready for release. I think the next song I will release is a Viking themed song called "Valhalla". It is an extremely dynamic song that has a classical guitar and mandolin then progresses into a hard hitting heavy metal song with a very soulful gut wrenching guitar solo. The song is 8 minutes long and takes you on a journey through the blood thirsty days of the warrior vikings. "Valhalla" is ready to go but I am still waiting for the cover art to be completed.

The third song in my catalog is called "Heart is a Rock"


This song is about having a relationship gone bad and you put up a stone wall. No longer willing to have an emotional relationship anymore. This song is ready for release but I want some separation between this song and my first release "Back Where You Belong"

Mainly because both songs have similar subject matter. Very busy and productive times going on right now!

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